Robert G. Padrick ("Bob") was born and raised in Los Angeles,
California.  After graduating from law school, he spent nearly two
years at the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.
Upon returning to Southern California, Bob soon began developing his
skills as a trial attorney.  In 1995, Bob moved to Northern California
and settled in Redwood City.

Law Offices of Robert G. Padrick, A PLC, has expanded its scope of
practice areas to include:

    * Motorcycle and Bicycle accident cases;
    * Consumer Protection cases, specifically those involving
       motor vehicles; and,
    * Estate Planning.

A life-long sports fan, Bob still regularly plays softball and enjoys
hiking, camping and backpacking.

Bob is divorced and has one child, a daughter.
While in Washington, D.C., Bob
took and passed the California
Bar Exam and was sworn into the
California Bar by Associate U.S.
Supreme Court Justice Byron
White on June 18, 1982.
(888) 664-1999
About Robert G. Padrick
In pursuit of justice
one case at a time.